Crewe, Classics and Cheggs

10.06.19 Hello everyone, good to see you. I thought I would bore you all with my take on recent events of Saturday the 8th of June and a brilliant day at Crewe. Jamie has covered it from a Railcam perspective and giving you the ‘inside view’ but why not a personal take on things from […]

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Lady In Green

23.04.19 Hello everyone, how are we all? I have a confession to make…I have to be brutally honest with you all and admit to you that I have another woman in my life. Her name is Eden and whilst she might not be everyones’ cup of tea, she is gorgeous to me and I’ve fallen […]

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Great Western ScotRailway

Hello everyone, how are we all doing? Taking my son to school this morning in Kirkcaldy we were running a bit early so as his school is about 100 yards from the line it would have been a dereliction of love for trains not to take a walk down and see what rolls along. I […]

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It ain’t no Mk2!

11.11.18 Lest We Forget Hello there everyone, hope you are all doing okay. Thought it would be nice to share my day on Saturday 10th November. Saturday was our annual Scottish based meet-up. Again it was held in the place where this lovely train shed is…. I had visited a few months previous on a […]

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Model me this….

Hello everyone! Well it’s almost that time of year when we make 2 of the biggest decisions of our lifetimes…… Real or fake tree……star or angel? My good lady and I are getting 2 Hornby OO sets for our eldest Murray and it made me think, just how many young kids of his age (11) […]

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Thank You Ian

No funny or witty title for this one. Hi everyone. As you may or may not know, we have lost a camera recently, unfortunately in my homeland of Scotland. It was jokingly nicknamed ‘unit cam’ but despite being in a location that one wouldn’t expect or think of when you would suggest a camera in […]

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New(bury) cams are Grate(ley)!

05.10.07 Hello Railcam friends and family, how are you all? Well here we are again with news of yet more additions to our ever growing list of cameras! Wednesday 4th October saw our southern install team of Andy and Cieran Jebb (AndyJ and 92009) and John Barnes off on their travels west and south to […]

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The Inane Rambler

07.09.17 If I was a headboard on a loco  ^^^^ Welcome one and all to our new blog. Due to stupid technicalities and a stupid administrator I have had to begin a new one. Nothing much will change to be honest, my usual stuff will continue. I will get everything back to what it was […]

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