Rails Are My Religion And This Is Dymchurch


Greetings one and all. It’s good to be writing again. And it’s also good to be writing about yet even more developments in our little corner of the world called Railcam. Where does one begin!? Now that’s philosophical! haha.

I guess we’ll begin with camera updates : Peterborough has been improved with a new cam on 1, and no.2 cam has been re-positioned to let less ambient light affect it and the results are top bins. Staying in the local area…Wansford cam no.2 has been installed looking down the serene and postcard-like approach over the river Nene.


We have expanded our partnerships with heritage railways with the addition of….


This is a temporary view but nonetheless it is a pleasure to say hello to everyone involved at the South Devon Railway and thank you for hosting a camera. Looks like a good modelling scene does that. 15 minutes later…


some shunting action


And last but no means least….we have our 3rd camera on the fantastic RH&DR. First was Romney, then Hythe and now we have the third in the triumvirate of the railways’ name. The very pretty Dymchurch station….in the rain. You know it wouldn’t be right if it was a picture perfect still I’ve captured,, I’m sure there will be many in bright sunshine for you to see haha. All being well the camera will go live tomorrow, the 9th.


It’s a pleasure to support these guys and remember to look out for our ‘Railcam Rambler’ headboard if you’re watching any of the 3 cameras. May I just add my tuppence worth and say it was a fantastic gesture and privilege that they made a headboard for us and if it brings us a few more members to our site and travellers on their railway then it’s been more than worth it. Thanks again guys!

What else have we done since I last wrote? Audible berth alarms! You can now set up to 4 alarms for signal berths of your choice and when a train of any description is approaching you will hear said alarm and the rest is up to you. I guess the best use would be for berths directly or just before any of the cameras but also for those who use our diagrams for tracking when they’re out spotting or photographing.

I’m really sorry I couldn’t make it to the meet up at Doncaster last month. I had a job on that evening, such is life. I know everyone present had a great time and we managed to get a wonderful shot of everyone on the platform outside of the pub (where else eh haha). You can see this if you scroll down and click the News tab. I do hope however to be at our next one on November 11th. Again it will be in Glasgow. Pretty much usual time for meeting, between 10 and 11 I reckon. I will consult with those in the know and get back to you. Just wanted to tell everyone there was going to be a meet and give it a couple of months of advertising.

I think that’s about it for now. No words of wisdom or any particular subject, just a wee update. So I’ll speak soon and take care. Happy spotting, viewing recording however you do it.

Steven (cheggs1978)




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