New(bury) cams are Grate(ley)!


Hello Railcam friends and family, how are you all? Well here we are again with news of yet more additions to our ever growing list of cameras! Wednesday 4th October saw our southern install team of Andy and Cieran Jebb (AndyJ and 92009) and John Barnes off on their travels west and south to install 2 new cams at another 2 great locations.

I have the great pleasure of introducing…..



grateley 1

Welcome to Railcam Newbury and Railcam Grateley.

Newbury is on the GWML and sees freight traffic , HST’s , soon to be Hitachi express trains, and local DMU’s.

Grateley straddles the Eastleigh and Woking diagrams between Basingstoke and Salisbury and see mainly class 159 DMU’s and some freight.


Very atmospheric and pretty.

Both cameras are an excellent addition and I’m sure will provide lots of enjoyment to everyone..

I will be posting again very soon concerning another camera, not an addition, but we’ll leave that be for now.

Thank you all for your continued and valued support, without you these cameras don’t happen.

Take care and speak soon!

Steven (Cheggs1978)



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