It ain’t no Mk2!


Lest We Forget

Hello there everyone, hope you are all doing okay. Thought it would be nice to share my day on Saturday 10th November. Saturday was our annual Scottish based meet-up. Again it was held in the place where this lovely train shed is….


I had visited a few months previous on a wee family jaunt but the frontage had not been fully revealed, thankfully it has now and it looks splendid. To be fair the whole station looks pretty good (some bits still left to do). It is clean and airy and above all…light. Credit to Network Rail and all who worked on it…and continue to do so.

So the day began in Cardenden for the 0816 to Edinburgh. Delighted to see a 170 come around the curve. I have never had any bad dealings with 170’s but this one tried to change that. Rattling fixtures and a less than pretty sounding something underneath. Moved to the rear coach and that was perfect. All to myself ’til Dunfermline Town!

Whilst not a conscious decision, I’d sat on the left hand side, so as we approached Haymarket I got the opportunity for a few photos as we passed Haymarket Depot…

After a short interval at Haymarket my train to Glasgow glided into platform 2


Red pen. My first 385…

And I’m sorry to say, I didn’t like it. I appreciate that trains such as like are basically people movers to get from one place to the next as quickly as possible and folks don’t really care as long as they get to where they’re going, but they’re horrible. And I’m not talking about the outside. The interior is let’s say ‘spartan’. The blue is consumed to obscurity by the masses of dull grey everywhere. There is no comfort to them at all. There was an echo of cheapness and coldness. It felt as miserable as those thousands that will use them on their daily commutes to and from work. I keep wanting to say they’re nothing more than tarted up ‘cattle trucks’…aren’t most commuter units? (debate there! haha). So then we set off.

And the disappointment continued, sadly. It was noisy. Things rattled (as usual) and the ride was less than smooth. Perhaps it’s my ultimate bad luck as on my previous journey on the E&G on a 365 was excruciating as the bogie we were closest to felt and sounded like it was trying to escape from the chassis. This particular 385 didn’t appear to handle curves well and was jerky. I repeat…this is such a shame because I don’t want to speak ill of the things I love. It sounded like a diesel unit for the most part also. I am very sorry but I don’t know why, it sounded like a 170 at full pelt.

But we got there.


Sorry about the quality of my photos, they were taken on my phone, not DSLR.

I met up with my Dad and set forth for Central to go and meet the others…Mickey, Adrian, Stevie, Graeme, Phil and ‘Stan’.

I don’t think anyone wants to know the exact details of our late morning / afternoon but it was brilliant to see a few of the guys again and talk railways and whatever else besides. Unfortunately my father and I were unable to stay for the whole of the day. My dad and his health, and me and my anxiety. But the remaining guys had a great afternoons’ Scottish hospitality haha.

Hopefully next year we can get some more bodies along. I know it’s a bit nippy in Scotland in November but as Mr Connolly said “there’s no such thing as the wrong weather…”. So please come to the next one, you’ll be most welcome.

So after leaving Dad I went to get my train back to Waverley. My second 365. I’m very happy to say that this one was great. Smooth, quick and relatively quiet. I do like them. They are just as utilitarian as the 385’s but seem better in every aspect.

By the time I arrived at Waverley it was starting to get dark so I had a wander around…


…and my luck was in!….





Another red pen moment 🙂

43075 plus the remains of a bird.

So I just had to wait for the departure of this service. Driver unfortunately didn’t get to open her up, but they still sounded grand nonetheless. I did a live broadcast for their departure and decided to wait to see of the Perth HST from platform 2 and a couple of minutes later a noise you don’t hear too often at Waverley as a 57 top and tailed Northern Belle erupted from Calton South tunnel. Bonus indeed.


(edit: oops, nearly forgot the ubiquitous south siding Caledonian Sleeper loco)

Further edit haha….

IMG_2399 (1)

One I took on the basis of being a social photographer rather than railway related. It’s called (didn’t take much thinking to come up with the name of it) Odd One Out.

For anyone who may be interested or following, this is the progress on the re-modelling of platforms 5 and 6, formerly known to most as ‘the Motorail platforms’ currently ongoing at Edinburgh Waverley…


Then it was off home on another 170. This time I opted to tuck myself away in ‘First Class’. There is technically no FC available on the Fife Circle but no one ever realises or knows this and never sit there, so I had a great journey home to Cardenden. Quiet, smooth, fast and peaceful. A great end to a great(ish) day on the railway, and a great day out.

On a personal note I’d like to say thank you to those who made it along or up or down. These guys have become very special mates and we’ve been through a lot, so as always it was amazing to be in their company and talk about the thing(s) we loved, freely, and share yet more laughs and stories. Thank you gents.

I say it every time and I’ll say it yet again…I hope it won’t be a long a gap between this and my next post! Haha.

So until such times, take care everyone. Stay safe and remember to always enjoy our railways responsibly. Be kind to one another.

Speak soon

Steven (Cheggs1978)







One thought on “It ain’t no Mk2!

  1. Enjoyed reading this. Don’t know the area but feel more familiar now. As for modern unit seat comfort I couldn’t agree more. The 700 units are my pet hate! Thank you again


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